Top 10 Free Apps For Android You Must Have

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Top Free APPS For Android

A list of top 10 free apps for Android devices that one must have on his Android smartphone

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Top Free APPS For Android

Gone are the days when Android was to be considered inferior to iOS because of the gap in the number of apps  that both of these platfroms had. Now Android has more than a million apps in Google Play Store. But a good percentage of these million apps is junk or low quality apps. Though Google Play store make it a little easier for you by listing good quality apps above low quality apps. Still finding the right and use apps is a cumbersome process. We have narrowed it down to as less as 10 apps. Our Top 10 free apps for Android includes social apps, productivity apps, news apps and entertainment apps. These Top 10 free apps for Android are a must have to have a great Android smartphone experience. Enjoy the top 10 free apps for Android and give us your feedback to make this list better. We would highly appreciate you sharing this list with your friends.

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Top 10 Free Apps For Android

Swiftkey Keyboard

The number first on our list of top 10 free apps for Android is the Swiftkey keyboard. Swiftkey is best keyboard on the Android Play Store, It is a fact to which no one will disagree. Swiftkey was awared as the most innovative App at the Global Mobile Award in Barcelona. Swiftkey Keyboard is the most feature rich Android Keyboard with a awesomely smart prediction engine. Swiftkey not only guess the next letter you type but also suggest the next word that you will wan to type. It does so, by syncing the sentences that you type with the cloud and then suggest you words from that data, it can continue to learn from your not only your SMS but also from your Social Media accounts after you have sync them. Swifkey Keyboard has support for up to 60 languages which can be downloaded free.

SwiftKey also has a collection of 6 skins which can be applied to it in order to make it inline with your launcher. Another great customization feature of Swiftkey keyboard is that it has three keyboard layouts in the app so you can use SwiftKey on any size screen. Swift also has a Swype alternative called flow which let you type by just swiping your finger on the letters. The best thing is, the app is now available free so you don’t need to read a 5 pages review. head to the Play Store, download and try the app. I am sure this will become your primary keyboard once you try it.


Dice Video Player

The second on our list of top 10 free apps for android is Dice Player. While there are many great video player apps on the Play Store like MX Player, Double Twist etc. DIce is my favorite player and I have good reasons for it. First thing it can litteraly run every kind of video format including HD MKV files. But you will have to need a faster device to run the video smoothly. The second best thing that I have noticed in Dice player is the sound boost. You can boost the sound up to 400%. Believe me it comes very handy when watching movies. Another feature that I like the most is the button lock key. There is a lock button on the left bottom of the screen which let you lock the other onscreen button so that you don’t accidently click on the seekbar and forward the movie to the end. Dice have a popup play feature too just like the Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz Player. In the end Dice player is a HW Accelerated Video Player with Playback speed control so if a conversation going on in the movie is fast for you, you can slow it down. A good interface, huge video format support, great sound and tons of other features make Dice Player No. 2 on our list of top 10 free apps for Android.  

WhatsApp Messanger

WhatsApp messanger is an incredible, simple and free messanger available both for iPhone and Android. WhatsApp lets you chat with your friends and anyone else for free in an easy way. What makes WhatsApp stand apart from other messaging apps is its simpler and easy to use interface a few extra features to make texting more fun. WhatsApp use internet to send messages so you don’t have to pay for those sms bundles. Besides sending simple text messaging WhatsApp lets you send pictures, videos, audio clips, contacts or your location in a very simpler and faster way. The other best thing is that you don’t have to make a profile in order to use whatsApp. Your mobile number is your profile. Easy, free, fast and efficient messaging makes WhatsApp No.3 on our list of top 10 free apps for Android.


Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard is a great tool to stay updated about what is happening in the world. Flipboard is an excellent RSS newsreader and Social Hub that brings you latest data from popular news networks and other websites. The websites are organised into categories like news, technology, design, gaming. You choose categories that you are interested in and Flipboard will serve you latest content from those categories. Flipboard also brings you data from your social accounts like Facebook and twitter when you link those accounts to Flipboard. You can organize your favorite content into what Flipboard calls magazines. You can then also share those magazines with your friends. The new and interesting way of bring latest news of interests to the users help Flipboard find a place in our list of top 10 free apps for Android. You should also check feedly which also a great alternative for FlipBoard.  

Stumble upon

Stumble upon is a social bookmarking app which serves you content based on your interest. It is nothing like Flipboard or Feedly which serves you feeds from particular websites or website categories. In stumble up people share cool and interesting stuff, it does not serve every new story on a particular selected websites but serves you stuff that people have shared in particular interests on stumble upon. Now, if that content matches with your interest, the content is shown to you. Now you can either thumb up the content, thumb down the content or tap on the stumble button and proceed to the next stumble. The more content you thumb up or thumb down the more relevant content you get. And believe me I haven’t got any content the last couple of months that I have disliked. Stumble upon is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Phone Store to download. Fun and amazing personalized content plus a very minimal UI makes Stumble upon a part of our top 10 free apps for Android.



Snapseed is the best photo editing app for smartphones, it makes your photos awesome. Acquired by Google back in September 2012, Snapseed offers tons of simple and intuitive photo editing features. The gesture based interface offers a lot of control over its effects and filters. The app offers a quick tutorial showing you how Snapseed works so, editing photos with Snapseed is not a big deal. Play for 30 minutes with the program and you will master the app. Select a tool and then swipe vertically to pick a specific attribute now swipe horizotally to increase or decrease the value for that attribute. There is one downside to Snapseed, you cannot zoom the photo to have a closure look on your photo that you are editing. Rich and powerful photo editing features help Snapseed get a spot on our list of top 10 free apps for Android.  

Any Do: Task Management and Reminder App

Any Do is the most simplest yet beautifully designed and efficient task management app. Adding tasks is very simple. You can add the task directly as you open the apps. On the top there is a MIC icon and a text field. you can either speak or type to add a new task and proceed to the next screen, add date etc and you are done. Any Do also has a decent companion calender app. Any Do comes with a bunch of widgets so you can see your tasks directly on your homescreen without opening the app.


Avast Internet Security & Antivirus

Avast Antivirus (free) has its name in the top 10 antivirus for Pc when it comes to security and malware removal. Now you can have the same level of security on your smartphone or tablet without any cost. It protects you from dangerous apps and informs you about their permissions. It can also help you in finding your lost phone. It is the best security app for android. Avast Mobile Security’s main feature is its real-time protection whenever it’s running. It can scan an app right after you download it, looking for viruses and unauthorized permissions. These features are easy to find due to its user-friendly interface. It can also filter spam calls from your phone. Avast Mobile Security is one of the most famous apps on Android, as it provides you all the features you would expect from Avast. It requires registration to work, which is not a setback. You cannot find any better app than Avast Mobile Security when it comes to mobile security. We recommend it without any second thought.  

Polaris Office

A smartphone isn’t smart without an office suice. A good office suite is a must for every one specially if your work revolves around a computer. There are many office suite apps on the Google Play Store but most of them are paid apps with a hefty price or are not up to the standards. Polaris Office on the other hand is an award winning free office suite which let you work easily and efficiently. Polaris office has a pleasant design and lets you view and create word documents, PowerPoint presentations and excel sheets easily and efficiently. Polaris office currently supports DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and of course TXT documents. Polaris office can also be used to read PDF documents. Polaris office is a must on our top 10 free apps for android list.


Viber is good replacement for your conventional calling and the best thing it use your 3G or 4G connection instead of regular GSM connection. So, can call free to other users that have installed VIber. With Viber you do not even need to create a profile and login to call. Viber use your phone number as your profile. Viber lets you make free calls, send text messages, send photos, send audio messages, and aso video messages. I would rank it better than skype because of its ease of use.

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