Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games


Not everyone can afford smartphone as powerful as Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6. But, most of the smartphone users do like to play games on their smartphones. Luckily in smartphone gaming world, a great game does not necessarily needs hardcore graphics. In smartphone gaming world games as minimal as flappy bird have proved to be more entertaining and popular than graphics intense games such as Modern Combat 5. These minimalist games are a blessing for those with low-end Android phones or older models of the iPhone.


Here in this article, we have gathered Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games for low-cost Android phones and old models of iPhone which are not only entertaining but, can also be played on any device low-end and high-end. Checkout these games and let us know about which on did you like the most.

PiJump (Pixel Jump) Android

Download Pijump for Android (Free)

Pijump is a brand new minimalist and addictive game for Android. It is a perfect time killer in case you are feeling bored. The game is very simple, all you have to do is tape and the screen make the ball jump in the air, tap again to jump higher. Make sure to avoid the obstacles in the form of two bars which will block your way. Timing is the key to score high in the game. The game is free to play with ads. To remove the ads you to pay 0.50 Euros.



Download Strata for iPhone ($2.99)

Download Strata for Android (Free)


The number one in our Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games is Strata. Strata is a stunning puzzle game with very minimal but gorgeous looking visuals. The gameplay is intuitive and fun. There is no rush required solving the puzzles, you just need to sit back, think and try different moves. The game is based entirely on rows and columns. You will see squares of different colors placed on a grid. You have to pull ribbons of different colors from the sides through the rows and columns. The goal is that the color of the top ribbon should match the color of the square below it. Overall the game is quite intelligently made and fun to play.


Download Duet For iPhone ($2.99)

Download Duet For Android (Free)


Duet is another minimalist yet addictive mobile game for Android and iOS. The game is very minimalist yet very challenging. The game is so hard to play it will make you forget the flappy bird. Duet is not as straight forward as flappy bird. In Duet, you control two balls by tapping and rotating them. The goal is to avoid everything that comes in your way. In flappy bird, you just needed a good timing to tap the screen. Duet requires very active brains to score better. I have been playing it for quite a while now and the fun never ends. 


Download Tiltagon for iPhone (Free)

Download Tiltagon for Android (Free)



On number 3 in our Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games is Tiltagon. Tiltagon is a beautiful looking physics-based game where you have to move a ball on hexagon structures while collecting the cubes. Once you collect a cube a new hexagon appears,  you have to quickly move to the new hexagon before the old hexagon disappears. The controls  scheme is simple, you use the gyro sensor of your device to move the ball. A small mistake might make you fall of the hexagon resulting in a game over.

Crossy Road

Download Crossy Road for iPhone (Free)

Download Crossy Road for Android (Free)


Crossy Road is my new favorite mobile game. Just like all the other games on this list, Crossy Road is a minimal game with quite fun and addictive game play. The graphics look minimal with vibrant colors. Everything seems to be made up of little blocks or polygons. The gameplay is very straight forward. The controls are very easy. The goal is to help a chicken cross roads, railway tracks and rivers without getting hit by the cars or trains that are passing by. Also do not get thrown into the river. A single tap moves the chicken forward while swiping left, right or backward move the chicken left, right and backwords respectively.


Download Linken for Android (Free)


Linken is the first puzzle game in our list of Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games. Linken is a simple, fun and challenging  puzzle game that is minimal yet looks great. The puzzles look simple at the start but gets trickier as you advance in the game. The game mechanism is very simple. You just have to connect each shape with a similar one into a complete path. There are two 400 challenging puzzles carefully crafted puzzles that get more challenging as you advance in the game. I am sure you will enjoy this game if you like puzzles.


Download Borderline for iPhone (Free)

Download Borderline for Android (Free)


Borderline is yet another platformer in our list of Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games. Borderline is a minimal flat and simple endless runner type of game in a completely new way. In this fast paced arcade game you have to guide a ball along a line avoiding any obstacles that come your way. What I like the most in Borderline is that the line is not a simple straight line but, it twists, bends and rotates as you go. The controls are very simple. All you have to do is to tap and hold on the left or right side of the screen to move the ball to the left or right of the line. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends online.

Does Not Commute

Download Does Not Commute for iPhone (Free)

Download Does Not Commute for Android (Free)


Does not commute is the only driving game in our list of Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games. Does not commute is a beautiful strategic driving game where you have to drive your car, van or bike from one point to another in a given time. But, as you do so, try to avoid the traffic which you will face as move forward in the game. Hit another car or a wall and you will damage your car, as a result, the car will drive very slow. Look for the time bonuses scattered across the whole town.

HEX 99

Download HEX 99 for iPhone (Free)

Download HEX 99 for Android (Free)


HEX 99 is a simple but very difficult game to play. You will have to have very sharp reflexes to score better in this game. The visuals are minimal but, striking.  It pulses with great music and challenging thrills. It is a thrilling, super-charged action game where you will always be failing not to die.


Download Skyward for iPhone (Free)

Download Skyward for Android (Free)


Skyward is another great looking game from Ketchapp. The graphics look similar to the Monument Valley a brilliant puzzle game. Skyward is not a puzzle game but, a one-touch endless climbing game. The gameplay is simple and fun, I have found it fun to play.

Geometry Dash Lite

Download Geometry Dash for iPhone (Free)

Download Geometry Dash for Android (Free)


The last in our list of Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games is Geometry Dash Lite. Geometry dash is an amazing rhythm-based action platformer in which you have to jump and fly your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. The controls are very simple, your square shaped character will jump with a tap and will jump repeatedly with a tap and hold. There are lots of challenging levels that will keep you entertained for hours.

This concludes our list of the Top 10 minimalist and addictive Android & iOS games for 2016. If you have produced a game or know about a game as beautiful as games listed in this list, feel free to let us know in the comments below.