Top 10 Third Person shooter games for Xbox One, PC, PS4 2016


10 Third Person Games You Should Check out in 2016

Many people prefer the ability to see their characters they play in the game. Such games in which you see your character from a 3rd person perspective are called 3RD Person Games. Most of the 3RD Person Games involve shooting thus called 3RD Person Shooter Games. Our today’s list is not comprised of just 3RD Person Shooters, but 3RD Person Games from different genres. Today we have gathered for you the best ten 3rd person games that have been released in 2016.


Top 10 Third Person Games 2016

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Hitman 2016

Platform: PC Xbox One PS4, Release Date: 11 March 2016

You know the Hitman series has had a bit of a sorted existence. Believe it or not, the sixth hitman game is the first one to be called just Hitman. Supposedly this game is going to feature level design much more similar to blood money. This is great because the best thing about Hitman is the fact that it’s a sandbox game. It gives you the freedom to complete all the different missions the way you want to is the reason why you want to play it. Hitman Absolution was a more of linear experience and well it certainly wasn’t bad, it was actually a great game. It wasn’t quite enough of what makes Hitman ‘Hitman’. For me, Hitman represents recognizing what makes a certain series great and I sure hope that it delivers.

Mafia III

Platform: PS4 Xbox One PC, Release Date: 2016

Another really fantastic old series that really need the new entry is Mafia and this year we’re finally getting one. At first glance, Mafia looks a lot like Grand Theft Auto but really it’s a little bit more atmosphere oriented and attempts to handle everything just a little bit more realistically. Also, it features some tie-ins with the last Mafia game including the protagonist Vito Scaletta up being a lieutenant in your personal mafia. A lot of people are really excited about this because Mafia is kind of a series that never fully got it right. It had so much potential, it was really fun and it seems like Mafia 3 might be the one where they finally bring it all together.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Platform: Wii U (Working Title), Release: 2017

The Legend of Zelda Wii U is going to be a massive jump for Zelda. Nintendo has realized that the legend needs to be an open world game. Knowing that the NES original has essentially the equivalent of what an open world game is for that era, the style they’ve created is somewhere between Wind Waker and Skyward Sword and it’s gorgeous. If you ask me this is probably going to be the best Legend of Zelda game in a very long time and it’s probably going to set the bar for 3D Zeldas. All know that it’s going to take downlink to the past but that just might be the nostalgia talking I think we’re going to see something really good.


Platform: PS4 PC, Release Date: 2016

Paragon is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game coming from Epic Games. Now you know them as the creators of the Unreal Engine which means this is going to be a pretty damn good looking game. But on top of that, you have third person control in a shooter environment as well as strategic elements. It’s going to be a hero based shooter with a card system which is kind of starting to become the thing. To think about paragon is it’s kind of a new spin on MOBA. Ethics is looking to make it a much more action-oriented and interesting game and if they deliver, it’s probably going to be one of the standard MOBAs in most tournaments.

Final Fantasy XV

Platform: PS4 Xbox One, Release Date: 2016

‘Final Fantasy 15’ is finally coming out. What’s funny is how long ‘Final Fantasy 15’ has been in development yet how much of the development seems to have happened this last year too. Recently, Square showed off more advancements in the ‘Final Fantasy 15’ battle system that really make it look exciting. I’ve played both versions of the demo and the second version actually had a much better combat. You see a lot more teammate oriented stuff going on and I really like that. I am really hyped for this game and it has been a long time since I said that about a ‘Final Fantasy’ game.

Gears of War 4

Platform: Xbox One PC, Release Date: 2016

‘Gears of war’ has always been a franchise exclusive for Microsoft but it’s never actually been owned by them. That changes with ‘Gears of War 4’. Microsoft purchased the rights, the franchise and brought over the game’s director of production from EPIC in order to work in the coalition which is their subsidiary that is in charge of making this. They did such a great job with the remake of the original ‘Gears of War’ and I wouldn’t be shocked if it become one of the highlights of the year.

Quantum Break

Platform: Xbox One PC, Release Date: April 5, 2016

The more we know about this game, the less easy it is to describe. There are platform elements, there are adventure elements, there’s time bending, there are a lot of branch and choices will play out in the situation of a time travel experiment that’s gone wrong. This game looks extremely interesting and I wouldn’t be shocked. They dropped a lot of footage that sets a lot of expectations very high.

Dark Souls III

Platform: Xbox One PS4 PC, Release Date: TBA

Now if there’s any series that has extremely high expectations that is ‘Dark Souls’. ‘Dark Souls III’ is present in almost every “hardcore gaming discussion” and sets the bar for difficulty in modern games. A bar that not many other games actually even need. The latest entry looks to retain a couple of the advancements from blood-borne but really what born is kind of a spiritual entry to that series. Anyhow, dark souls can be mind-bendingly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding and the third entry this series is something that people have been looking forward to since the second entry.

The Division

Platform: Xbox One PS4 PC, Release Date: 8 March 2016

Tom Clancy’s the division another third person shooter game that has been in development forever. The division is a really cool looking game. Now that it’s seen its share of controversy especially since it seems to show up every once in a while looking slightly different but people are playing the beta now and calling it great. Some of the effects I’ve seen even on the console version are really gorgeous and the idea of the game is really great as well. If you’re is ready to take a dive into mid-crisis New York restoring order and investigating the source of the virus that is killing people like crazy, ‘The Division’ is the right game for you.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Platform: PS4, Release Date: 26 April 2016

There is a big reason that this is at number one. There’s no series that does set pieces like uncharted and with all that extra power I’d be willing to bet that uncharted 4 is easily the most impressive. On top of that, they have made some hints that there’s going to be some pretty controversial things happening that I think we are all excited to see. They’ve showed off quite a few of the different gameplay elements and it looks like they’ve incorporated a lot of the stuff that has made games better the last few years. Well at the same time it really looks like an Uncharted game.


This concludes our list of the top 10 third person (shooter) games for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 that have been released in 2016 and some has yet to be released. Just for a change, we have also included a third person game for Nintendo Wi U. If you also like FPS or first person shooter games you might also like these best FPS (First Person Shooter) games for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Please take the poll below to let us know which third person game are you waiting for to play this year. Also let us know in the comments section if you think we have missed a game that you think should have been on this list, thanks. Enjoy the best third person shooter games for PC, PS4, and Xbox One that have been released this year.