Top 5 Best Data Recovery Softwares to Get Back Your Lost Data


People who have huge amounts of data stored in their hardware, often come across problems where they lose all of their data either by single click at the “delete” button or sometimes a software bug or virus can corrupt the data stored on their hard disk. In either case, you can easily restore your data through the use of any data recovery software. The top 5 best data recovery software’s are mentioned below:


Recuva is the best data recovery software that anyone can ever come across. The data recovery software has the ability to restore all your lost data before its too late. It can recover various files from your hard disk, DVDs, CDs, memory cards etc. However, there are some of the features that Recuva offers due to which it is considered the best software.

1. It allows its users to access superior file recovery.

2. It has an easy user interface

3. Can allow its user to recover files from any device

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is another software that can ease out your tension of recovering your files. As the name of the software suggests itself, undelete 360 allows its users to restore the files that you have deleted accidentally. It has a fast and efficient algorithm. Moreover, the most interesting aspect of this software is that it allows you to restore and recover files on a number of devices. For example, if you accidentally deleted your files saved in your smartphone, this software can enable you to restore them. It not only extracts documents that were made on applications like Microsoft office but it also makes sure that if a person has lost all his memory stored on his smartphone, which includes pictures, songs etc., it can also recover those files as well.

Photo Rec

If you are looking for powerful data recovery software, then you should definitely go for PhotoRec software. The recovery software is designed and created specifically to restore documents, images, videos etc. The software is compatible with almost all types of major platforms that include, Microsoft windows, Max OS X etc.

Pandora Recovery

Another recovery software in line is the Pandora recovery software. It is one of the most reliable software’s that anyone has to offer. It can recover deleted files that have formatted volumes like NTFS and FAT. Moreover, many clients often want preview facility as well so that they get an idea that which files they are retrieving. Hence this software allows you to retrieve files after you preview the, and select them in order to be restored.

MiniTool Partition Recovery

MiniTool partition recovery software is essential especially when it comes to recovering an entire partition that you have accidentally deleted. It is an easy wizard-based interface that allows you to generate a recovery report that allows you to identify the data that has been recovered. It supports various platforms like windows 10,8 etc.

However, in case none of the above software’s work you can take help from ThePcDoctor. They allow you to prevent further data loss. It is a data recovery service that allows you to recover any sorts of data which includes floppy disc recovery, tape recovery, Microsoft exchange etc.