WhenDidI: A Must Have Event Tracking App That Keeps You Organized


Memory loss is a big problem and almost everyone today is suffering from it. At least this is what I have noticed in people surrounding me. Our lives have become too busy, plus we have all these worries and tensions which often make us forget things. There for we need some extra help to remind us about important things at the right place and the right time. Thanks to such rapid advancements in the mobile industry we now have an excellent personal assistant in form of a smartphone.

Today most of the smartphones come with good reminder apps that help us a lot in our daily lives if we use them correctly. But most of these apps are very limited in functionality. Luckily there is an abundance of good third party event tracking and organizer apps that provides a good set of functionality. Today we have discovered one such a useful event tracking and organizer app. Below is a brief review of WhenDidI, a pretty functional and flexible event tracking app.

WhenDidI is a powerful event-tracking app that will keep you organized in your day to day tasks. I have used many organizer apps but there is one thing in WhenDidI that makes me want to keep using it, and that is it is very customizable. You can set your own event types, change the measure-quantity, price, use counters etc. You can keep track of your exercise routines, manage your expenditures, set reminders.

One thing that I like in particular is that you can even add your own measurement units like time, liters, meters which make this app an allrounder. You don’t need to have separate apps for different kind of tasks.

The app works like this. You need to add an event category like fueling your car. Then you can add alerts for that event. For example, you want the app to remind you about fueling your car. You can set how often must the event occur. Whether you want to remind you daily or remind you on particular days in a week or particular months in a week. You can also set the reminder for a particular number of days after the last event. It also gives you the option to set the reminder at a particular time of the day. Add a title and description to the alert and select a notification type. You can also set a speech text notification which is cool.

After you have done the task after the alert, you can note the event in the app for the record. Select a category e.g Fueling the car, set the date and time of the event, enter the amount of fuel, and write a note if you want to and tap on the tick mark to save the event.

Other cool features of the app include statistics for your events, charts, a number of home screen widgets, an ability to backup to SD card storage, Dropbox or Google Drive. The app costs around $1.99 to purchase. There is also a lite version available which kind of trial version as you are limited to add just 35 events. I wish there was an ability to gather data automatically from other apps such as my fitness app. Overall I have found the app very useful and almost complete.

Download: WhenDidI Event Tracker