Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Camera Samples (Dual Cameras do matter)


Featuring dual cameras in the smartphones is a new trend in 2016. While dual cameras have been used by some Android OEMs in the past, it is the year 2016 that it became a trend. The year started with LG G5 featuring a dual camera setup on the back, followed by Huawei P9, Huawei Honor 8 and even Apple iPhone Plus.


Every Brand has implemented the dual camera technology differently. LG G5 and LG V20 use a secondary lens at the back of the device to capture wide-angle photos. Huawei P9 and Honor 8 use the dual camera setup to create a bokeh effect and grab more light while taking the picture. One lens on the Phone capture color while the secondary lens capture light to make up brighter images with good dynamic range.  The Apple iPhone 7 Plus uses the secondary lens to add lossless zoom functionality to the phone.

The recently released Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus also features a dual camera setup. Xiaomi Mi 5s is the world’s first smartphone to come equipped with Qualcomm’s Clear Sight dual camera technology. Clear Sight is claimed to be designed to output photos with better dynamic range, enhanced detail, and less noise in low light scenarios by making use of the two cameras. According to Xiaomi One lens on the XIaomi Mi 5s captures a color photo while the other lens captures a monochromatic photo which kind of similar mechanic to how the Huawei P9 camera works. The black & white lens is used to capture more light thus reducing the noise.

After a photo has been taken, the Qualcomm’s Clear Sight fusion algorithm merges the two images (i.e color and monochrome) seamlessly thus enhancing detail and decreasing noising levels without blurring the photo. The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus uses identical camera sensors (i.e IMX258s) but one with its top layer’s color filter removed which enables it to catch three times more light than a color sensor.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Camera: Sample photos

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